Monday, March 24, 2008

Mmm, Nutraloaf!

Just Like Grandma Used to Jail.

I was just reading this article about a food product prisons have been using to discipline inmates who commit food-related infractions. You've got to give the prison system points for coming up with its name: Nutraloaf. I love it. Why didn't Pepperidge Farm think of that?

I have to admit, while it looks sufficiently nasty, in all honesty Nutraloaf doesn't sound unreasonably disgusting. According to the article, the ingredients are "a mixture of cubed whole wheat bread, nondairy cheese, raw carrots, spinach, seedless raisins, beans, vegetable oil, tomato paste, powdered milk and dehydrated potato flakes." Well, shoot, that describes most of what I eat on a given day. Some vegetarian restaurant in L.A. is probably charging $16 a plate for it. And this is what they feed people who fling poo in jail. It's interesting to note that in the attached poll asking whether or not readers thought this was cruel, 100% of those polled said no. Heck, I think those sentenced to Nutraloaf are getting off easy. If I were the warden, there would definitely be some anchovies, head cheese and Oreo cookie filling in there. Take that, criminals- I am the law!

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