Sunday, January 18, 2009

Japanese Dream

A Japanese Dinner Party for Six

Last night, my boyfriend and I hosted a Japanese-themed dinner party, which featured a number of delicacies we discovered in Japan, and even a few items we acquired there. Some friends joined us for what was a remarkably simple meal to prepare; the majority of items are individual ingredients, albeit grated, sliced, chopped or marinated. If you would like to know how any of this was prepared, feel free to post a comment. The look of the table as a whole was really my favorite part. Except for the guests. They were a blast, too.

Now and then it's nice to do something that makes you say "Yes, sometimes, I rock." I'm pretty proud of this:

Each place setting:

Here's what you're seeing, clockwise from left
-Miso soup
-Cup for green tea
In small red dish:
-Pickled plum
-Sliced ginger
-Fish cake
-Sweet black soybeans
In small bowl at right:
-Daikon in bonito broth w/seaweed
On square plate, clockwise from upper left:
-Fresh grated ginger
-Marinated daikon and carrot
-Chopped pickled vegetables (from Japan)
-Green peas and marinated burdock
-Tamago (sweet Japanese egg)
-Tuna sashimi
-Pickled ginger
-Fresh grated daikon
-Tofu w/black sesame and scallions
Not pictured:
-Roasted enoki mushrooms
-Green salad w/shiso dressing (from Japan)
-Ginger soy sauce (for tofu)
-Brown rice
-Plum wine
-Meyer lemon and hibiscus sorbets

Tom and I throw one hell of a party.


Yulinka said...

I'm curious about the sashimi. I'm a little nervous about working with raw fish.

That aside, it looks like a very impressive meal!

Foodichka said...

I went to our neighborhood Whole Foods, and asked if they had anything sushi grade, as they sometimes do. The man behind the fish counter informed me that the frozen commercially-wrapped tuna steaks were as safe as anything we were likely to find in a sushi bar. Most sushi tuna has been frozen for at least a week to kill bacteria. Once I thawed and unwrapped mine, it wasn't the bright red you usually associate with sushi bar tuna, but it tasted good, and so far my guests are still alive.

Victoria said...

Last time I checked - you always rock so....not sure what the 'sometimes' is all about...